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Trusts are generally used to make the post-death administration of a person’s assets smooth and easy for their loved ones. However, that is not always the case. Often times, disputes arise during the administration of the trust. The common disputes are:

Validity of Trust – Trust Contest

The validity of a Trust or Trust amendment can be challenged by certain parties. The common challenges to Trust documents are:

The Trust is a product of Undue Influence.

The Trust is a product of Duress.

The Settlor of the Trust did not have the Capacity to sign it.

The Trust is a Forgery.


Trustee Removal

A Trustee of a Trust may be removed if they have failed to administer the Trust or breached their duties as Trustee. For example,  not communicating with Beneficiaries, or favoring one Beneficiary over another.


Trustee Mismanagement and Misappropriation 

A Trustee of a Trust may be held liable for mismanaging the assets or using the Trust funds for their personal purposes. 


Beneficiary Complaints

A Trustee may receive complaints and threats of lawsuits from unhappy Beneficiaries. We can assist the Trustee in managing difficult Beneficiaries.  


Trust Interpretations

Interested parties can differ on their understanding of how a Trust is meant to be interpreted. If a Trust is unclear, contact us today to discuss how we can help resolve this issue. 



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